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Charged: Stories from the Women Leading Health Care

How do you truly connect with others and lead with empathy? Why is heart disease different for women? What can we do to make addiction treatment more accessible and more successful? How can you maintain the balance between rising in your field and taking care of your family? Charged, a new podcast from Mass General, is devoted to answering these questions and many more. We’ll be uncovering the stories of the relentless daily pursuit to break boundaries and provide exceptional care. In each episode, you’ll hear from the passionate and talented women of Mass General, who are leading the charge on some of the most significant innovations in health care today.

Oct 3, 2018

Sue Slaugenhaupt, PhD, is the inaugural scientific director of Mass General’s Research Institute. She began at Mass General in the early 1990s and has spent her whole career focused on understanding two rare diseases: familial dysautonomia or FD and mucolipidosis type IV or ML4. She tackled the challenges of building a thriving scientific career at the same time she was building her family, and in this episode she discusses how she is now working to pay it forward and change the culture of scientific research for the better.